Copper Strips Vs. Roof Cleaning

The best option to clean your roof is a soft wash roof cleaning! Hands down.
There are many options and products available when it comes to keeping your Roof Clean. In this article I will be discussing 3 of them. Two are products and 1 is a service.

  1. Copper Strip Installation - $1,800.00
  2. Zinc Strip Installation - $1,400.00
  3. Soft Wash Roof Cleaning - $500.00

*The prices above are from a Cape Cod area roof cleaning project I was recently hired to do. The roof size is what was used to reach these figures. All houses will be different but the ratios will be the same.
1. Copper Strips can at times be affective at keeping Algae at bay if it is installed adequately. In order for it to work it must be installed in several different places. The roof Copper has to be installed at the very peak of the roof, and every 3 feet going down the roof. It must carry from one end of the roof all the way to the other end. The reason for this is due to the strength of the copper that is carried by rain water.
Rain water is the "carrier" and needed for this type of algae resistant application. When it rains the rain water contacts the copper and carries its cleaning properties down the roof. Although after it travels a few feet it has weekend by a large amount. That is why horizontal rows need to be installed at intervals down the roof.
The main reason why I will not install Copper for roof cleaning or roof washing is that it doesn't make sense. Not only is it very expensive but it is not guaranteed to work. Another factor is that it looks awful to have strips of copper covering parts of your roof, as it is very noticeable.
2. Zinc Strips is more of the same. It is even less effective at keeping your roof clean than copper. The price reflects that as well.
3. Soft Was Roof Cleaning is the only way to go. If you have read any of our other articles you should already know this by now.
You may think you have found a flaw in our thinking. You say "what if I have to clean my roof three times?"
The answer is to this question is simple. When a roof is cleaned it typically takes the same amount of time for the algae to return as it originally took to grow. Even if you had to clean your roof 3 times you would still have spent less than the other two options. Not to mention the fact that it is Guaranteed! You will have immediate results with our roof cleaning process.

We are the first and only Certified Roof Cleaning and Roof Washing Company in Massachusetts. We provide Roof Cleaning and Roof Washing Services from Boston all the way to the tip of cape Cod. Call us today to schedule your free roof cleaning demonstration. 1-800-781-1816


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